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Multi Award-winning, hand-made sourdough from our family bakery in the Cotswolds

"Your delicious bread is causing ripples of delight"



Sourdough is the oldest way of making bread. It uses naturally occurring wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. It is a live culture called ‘The Mother’ or levain.  A sourdough loaf is far more than just amazing flavour and nutrition. It is the product of a process that is both artistic and scientific. A combination of passion, patience, dedication and craftsmanship.  It takes time and love. The unique flavour and texture of Mark’s sourdough is down to the flour he uses, the dough temperature, length of fermentation and how it is handled. It is all a carefully considered balance the bakery is founded upon.


Hand-made sourdough lovingly crafted using local ingredients

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Cotswold Crunch sourdough


Malted wholegrain, slightly nutty and wonderfully light. We love it with a good glass of red and a quality cheese. Or consumed with runny gorgonzola and a plate of charcuterie. 

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The Churchill WhitE


It took two years to perfect with this gorgeously moist and open crumb. It is enjoyed widely as an appetizer in local gastro eateries but is perfect simply with butter. Or enjoy with with everything from a creamy stilton, tangy cheddar and  your breakfast marmalade. It has even been known to support a stonking bacon butty!

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The Mill Loaf

The ultimate healthy loaf. Crafted carefully to create the perfect balance of wholemeal and rye culminating in a light, tangy, sour slice perfect to devour with anything savoury. We love it toasted with smoked mackral paté.

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The Semi-brioche

Not made with butter but an additional barley malted extract. Perfect with burgers and our children love them for breakfast simply with marmite. Our gastro clients can’t get enough of them. Light as a feather, with a shiny glaze and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

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About MARK

Mark is a self-taught and award-winning baker, specialising in sourdough bread.

Mark started making sourdough six years ago, as a hobby, baking it in his Aga. Inspired by The Food Programme on Radio 4 about the slow food movement, Mark set about trying to see if he could make a sourdough loaf for his family using only the best and most local ingredients.  Enjoying his craft, he started to make more than his family could eat, giving his bread away to friends and neighbours. Those friends and neighbours shared the loaves with their friends and neighbours. The sourdough following for ‘Mark’s yummy bread’, was born. Now, due to an overwhelming demand which gathered pace simply by word of mouth at the school gate, he has decided to follow his dream, giving up his day job to create sourdough loaves professionally. His company is Mark’s Cotswold Bakery. 

In September last year Mark entered his sourdough into the prestigious annual World Bread Awards, in Westminster, London. In spite of over 600 entries, Mark’s bread won Bronze. Not a bad start for his first competition entry! According to Stephen Hallam, chairman of the 86 high-profile judges, the contest was ‘more competitive than ever’ that year. The main ingredient in Mark’s sourdough is his much-favoured Churchill Strong Bread Flour which he used in the hero loaf: White with Chia Seeds. The flour is ground, just a few miles away from his home, in the family owned, FWP Matthews Cotswold mill, at Shipton under Wychwood. This mirrors the philosophy behind the business that is Mark’s Bread. Local ingredients, family run.


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